Ups and Downs

What happens with the mind? What happens when we are powerful, strong, with fire in our eyes? What does lead us to that point? Is it love? Self-respect? Money? Goodness? Not quite sure about that but, life has its ups and downs all the time, sometimes more often than we want it to. Waking up with a clear mind and a body fed with lots of good nutrients is a daily challenge. We should not only know what we put inside of our body through the mouth as the mind. Are thoughts guided by these two ingredients?

Ups should be more constantly present in our daily basis but there are phases or periods of time that things just not happen accordingly with our plans, desires or wishes. Let’s put hope together. What we hope is not always what is right or perhaps close to our dying wishes. Right or wrong our decisions have influence in our future all time, whether you choose to stay home or doing what you were supposed to do, the next time you have to choose again, what is going to be your answer? I believe that it tends to your last choice and then it follows a flow. The flow of your life.

With many things being put to us to decide every day, life became busy without you even noticing. Think about that for a second. There are major decisions and small decisions and depending they are hard or not, you must decide. The quantity of decisions taken every now and then is to me very close to each breath in and breath out we take. A world made of decisions, made of ups if your decision was a good one and made of downs if then you’ve chosen a bad one. Now, who is going to decide whether your decision was right or wrong? There is no another judge for this kind of thing, but life.

Heaven, Hell, Purgatory or so ever. Life is here, the hell you might have, the heaven you might have is most commonly related to which type of life we live. Even though when you are the most honest, sincere, good person in the world and things are not going as you should. It’s not worth to not keep digging. As in a trail, you go up for a couple of kilometres and down a couple more, the guide already knows the way, you not. The guide is your hope, leading you to the final end, to the way out. We all should have faith in something or someone to keep us going forward. Keep that in mind.

Thanks for reading it.


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