Competition! A new thing!

After competing for a while is inevitable that the feeling of winning gets inside of you. There is a saying telling people that “Important is to compete”, but everybody who competes knows that that can be true at the begging of the process, but after a while, having the feeling that you can win is amazing. There are many ways to feel good in life and winning is one of them. Not necessary you need to defeat someone, you can defeat the opponent inside you, that one who stopped believing a few years ago when you were the last one to be chosen for a friendly soccer match.

Something tells me that when you compete you can give a bit more than usual, you try to reach your 100% and be pleased even though the result was not how you expected. If you did trained and slept properly or if you only went to 2 training for a week and didn’t care much for food, can be determining for the end result. Unless you are a privileged person who has a wonderful metabolic system which allows you to perform in high performance even not giving much importance to those details, not my case, though.

Competing to me became something like “enforcing yourself to the most”. It’s trying to get every single failure out of the day, improving, evolving yourself into something new and getting ready for it. There is a lot of mental efforts, because even if your body is well-prepared, the mind should follow its path. I believe that sometimes the mind matters much more than the body, but then they should be equally at the same level. I should and must read more about the winners, people who have won everything they accomplished. I have some friends at this level, luckily I am very close to them all the time and gets easier to follow their footsteps.

Managing all the process of eating, sleeping, thinking, behaving, acting well is challenging, now more than ever. The temptations of a normal life which it’is not that bad, it’s always here, bad habits. Willing to win it will take every aspect of you at the highest points. I’ve learnt that we must also analyse, make plans, goals, strategies for winning. Following the best ones at what you are trying to accomplish, because well, they have accomplished it already. You might set new parameters, new strategies, but nothing better than having a background person for you to be inspired and guided.

Thanks for reading it


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