The unknown world of knowing things you didn’t even know that exist

Independent of your age right now, look around you, see how much we have to learn, how much we might be able to teach. Not talking here about your graduation or your skills in executing job tasks during your daily routine at work office. There are thousand of books and articles, documentaries, short videos, intellectual games, sources of information that can strive you to the unknown world of knowing things you didn’t even know that exist.

10, 20, 30, 40, 50 …90 years old is none of anybody else’s business. A book has no limitation, only if you allow yourself to say “I can’t read this”. The world needs special people who can add thoughts for a greater good. While you are watching TV, seeing your favourite TV-shows and rolling your social network’s page down, there is a lot going on. Progress is hard, it takes time, patience and understanding. If sometimes you see yourself lost in thoughts, give it a time for brainstorming and look for your goals, write them down so they can remind you when darkness moments arrive.

We’ve been raised not to follow the mass, neither to be one more white sheep being herded to the final slaughterhouse. We’ve born to be something else. Seeking growth  is necessary, it’s really knowing what you were born for. Dedicating time to what you really is after is nothing else, but necessary. If this is not what we need to be focused on, what else it’s?

People go pass by us every single day, I just regret that those in need are quiet as the silence of a smile saying “hey”. Perhaps our “good mornings” and “good nights” have something else to reveal, however, we stop there. Words never spoken, feelings never showed. Looking unquiet desperate to share and to be listened to. We may win a lot more teaching, having class, in contact with people who have achieved success, so why are we still following the crowd.





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