A passenger for the last 30 years

At age of 30-years-old, I’ve found out that I knew anything about the economy, nutrition, good habits, science math or any other are that is very important to a human being. I’ve learnt that being organised is such good tool to be organised, that makes sense, right? I know very little about flirting, thought I knew about love, romantic stuff, but once again, nothing to add. Life is knowledge. A person who has never travelled knows nothing about travelling, such as those who have never saved money or learn how the body works.

At a certain point, the human ignorance can be so big that we claim to be experts, all athletes, analysts, but there are empty spots that need to be filled in. We practice sports knowing very little about how the body works and we get mad when we don’t have great results. Oh well, you don’t even know what are micronutrients, how come you want to win something? The strongest, tallest, shortest person in the world is not the winner, the clever ones are, those who use their brains and their bodies. Inevitably, small pieces of our missing departments will show up claiming to be raised.

A common saying is “let life take me away”. No caring about future, if I die today I want to be sure I have lived all I could’ve ever lived. Not quite. We are astonishing machines, able to learn almost everything, to become almost anything, but we rather stay at home watching TV, sit on the sofa, eating crap food and watching nonsense content than going to seminars or learning a new martial art, a new thing or perhaps, learn how to play an instrument, how to speak a new language, whatever it’s there to be learnt. Chasing off all the ones we love, Pissing off all our money. Running out of money, energy, kindness, strength, knowledge is an unwise way of living.

From the passenger seat to the pilot seat, from not planning to “planning”, from not carrying to “carrying”. Changing is “thanks God” happening all the time and a necessity for us, human beings.

One idea can change your life, so why not trying to have one, instead of letting the life go by your own eyes? A nerd? An entrepreneur? A business man? An enthusiastic? A Teacher? Scientist? There are so many things we can be, but being nothing is the one most chosen career we incline to be.

Thanks for reading it


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