Are you a “whatever person”?!?! It’s wrong

We’ve come across to a normal and regular phrase people say nowadays which is “Whatever”. If you want something and that thing doesn’t happen, you say “whatever”. If you want to have a date with somebody and that also doesn’t happen you say “whatever”. Suddenly that will happen so often that we might become “whatever people”. This is a lack of attachment. We are often put into situations which demand power of strength, once you ignore it, you will not care anymore.

Imagining how many things could’ve happened with that “whatever” moment, person or thing that you really wanted, we think again “whatever”. Life then becomes pointless. “Whatever” on certain occasions is perhaps a rude word to use, but we use it anyway, if not said, in our head. Along the years, we use this thought of not carrying, so often that we can conclude that from someone’s perspective you just don’t worry about anything, taking life as it goes and really not being stressed about things, not losing your sleep upon futile facts. Is that really how things should be?

Not easy, but to try to convert the idea that we shouldn’t dedicate time and patience to things we really want are essential for a more rewarding life, meaning, that we should have the car we want, the girl we want, the house we want and not just be satisfied only with what is given to us. I used to have the word “refuse” inside of my brain all the time. “Refuse to have only what life gives to us in any terms”. Fight for something is hard, stressing and painful for many times, but if you do not fight, life will bring the war to you anyway, however, by fighting is mention to be “preparing”. One punch here, one kick there, some scratches and back to action.

I really mean to change the planted poor idea  of “quitting”from deep inside, into motivational thoughts and actions. It’s something like getting away from an addiction, built-in from the last 30 years of a lifetime experience. Least but not less, patience is required when attempting the same thing for a longer period of time than most people do. We try once, twice, max three times and “enough of this”. Yes, it hurts, gets painful, setbacks all over the place. Two options are taken in place. Either you say “whatever”, quit, go to the next trial or change it to “Yes, it matters”. Try as hard as you can, it might happen or not, only difference is that “whatever did not take part of the play this time”. That is the most important.

Thanks for reading it.


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