It’s time to stop looking outside

Watching out the window

Sometimes we need to stop looking outside and really take a look inside of our souls, mind, body, heart and eyes. Start paying attention to the last past events that have happened to us. Analyse if there is something to be modified, paying attention to the tiny details that make getting into our way. There are relatively many aspects in our lives that we can take a microscope and see things a bit more differently. Getting into it, it’s sometimes good, sometimes necessary and sometimes there is no way out.

Perfection has taken place, however, this week I’ve learned the good and bad aspects of being a perfectionist, a lot of what I read makes sense. If we really want something to be perfect, we might never end up doing it. Being perfect is trying to do everything that it was possible to be done, that’s it, nothing more. Perfection is made of hard work and patience and not by percentage from (0% to 100%). I’ve found new reasons to be perfect, but perfection has not changed meaning, so here it what it’s:

  • Clearing all thoughts and stay unstressed;
  • Give more than we are used to;
  • Wait for as long as it necessary;
  • Become part of something or someone;
  • Attach to your ideal  and principles;

Looking inside and meditating, self-evaluation, self-control, knowledge of life, which we think we know a bit, but as the time goes by, we know very little is the best way of getting ourselves better.

No much deep talk on this one, but it’s time to look inside.

Thanks for reading it.





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