Hi Murphy! My best friend!

By definition Murphy’s law is an adage or epigram that is typically stated as: Anything that can go wrong, will go wrong. In other cases, Murphy’s law is defined by “whatever that happens will happen”.

Less Brown said: “What I’ve come to appreciate when working on changing your life, change some bad habits, getting away off addicted situations or relationships”.

Time indeed is the best medicine ever. We get sick (physically or emotionally) and how do we heal? Taking medicines and waiting, right? Waiting is always there, we can’t instantaneously heal, that would be a miracle and I don’t particularly believe in miracles. After hearing that Murphy’s law is not actually that “bad things” will happen, but that what is supposed to happen will happen, I also realised that time is something given to us, as life itself. We can use as we want, but events will occur during our lifetime, it’s not by choice.

If Murphy is on your side all the time, just learn to deal with him, eventually, he will leave you and bother somebody else. Learn to live with the adversities of life. Adversities = Murphy’s law.  Murphy, it’s been around me for a little longer than I would like to, but well, do I have another choice? I don’t think so, just learning to deal with it and how do we learn to deal with things ? Dealing with it.

So, call Murphy your best friend and deal with adversities.

Thanks for reading it.


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