Rules and Common Sense! Why?

Rules tell me that I can’t send flowers to a girl when I wish to, that I can’t give chocolates to somebody that I find attractive to, that I can swim in the ocean without some experience. Common sense tells me that I should eat food between three and three hours, that I can take actions whenever I want to, that I should wait for the best moment. Rules define us, but who has built them? From what I understand we live under ridiculous ideas that we put inside of our heads by the fucking “common sense”.

Drink 3 liters of water a day, eat 8 times a day, sleep for 8 hours at least, study, work, train, eat our pre-train meal and our post-train meal. How much protein should I consume? How many grammes of carbs? Details, only. I’ve experienced the stress of trying to follow all of this tiny little details. It didn’t work. So, if somebody can learn from it, please don’t do it. You set yourself a bunch of rules that will more damage you than heal you.

What is common is to give presents when is somebody’s birthday, it’s to call a friend to ask for something when we need something, it’s to help somebody that is in need. It’s to work out when summer is coming to show other how healthy we are, but what with all of that could change? What if we could behave as we want to, be ourselves for a while, not caring what others will think. Rules make me sick and tired. Common sense gives us a path to be followed.

No rules, not common sense, no worrying, no hard times thinking about microscope details.

I’ve started to believe and science, math, chemistry, knowledge and science-based facts, rather than what common people do.

We label ourselves as FREE, but free from what? Think about it.


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