Goodness might afraid people!

When we like somebody, as friends, as family, as colleagues or even as a lover, we tend to please that person or those people by saying what they want to hear, giving what they want to receive, taking them to places they want to be or even looking for everything else that special person in your life now might enjoy, just to have the pleasure of you being the one to please them. I’ve just finished a movie which has some similarities with this thought. A boy who falls in love with a girl who doesn’t want to have a boyfriend, but suddenly after the break-up she gets married.

What the hell happened he asked. She said, “It just happened”. For him, he was the perfect person for her, giving and being everything she wanted he to be, but he was wrong, being good doesn’t mean to be the one. What I’ve realised is that it might not a good idea to always do what people around you like, perhaps being yourself already fill up that spot, but not because you are forcing yourself to it. Good relationships are made of an equal sense of joy.

On the other hand, when people try to be nice to me, it’s kind of awkward, never really enjoyed that feeling and to be honest, when an unexpected act of goodness comes towards me, I feel like owning that person a favour for what has been done. A couple of hours ago I just wrote something about common sense, which is “do what is common” is not really my favourite thing, but not doing what is common is out of the ordinary, now being redundant, is already more than normal, and more than normal frightens people, because well, isn’t normal.

Our intention is important, of course, however, our intention might show something totally different from the reality. The intention is what really matters to those you are giving or receiving that act or thing, but not able to any of the parts involved to decide if what was intended, it was really delivered. At the end, life will play itself as it should, because being less good or a lot more good is enough in a world where as we grow old, we tend to be less, life’s pattern.

Life events keep teaching me things, I just wish a could be a quick learner.

Thanks for reading it.


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