Imagination x Expectation

To imagine something is to jump ahead and create something in your mind with images, sound, scenes, everything put in place and the film rolling. For creative people like me, that is an incredible way to create things from our heads. Actually, for people who work with marketing, that is a great tool. Advertisements are made of imagination. I don’t work in the advertisement business, so for me is only a matter of pleasure. In a relapsed moment, I think I’ve found out from where my expectations come from. Expectations to me were always a problem, you see something before it actually happens. In an imaginary world, that is not an issue, a big problem in the real world, though.

When you imagine what we want, desire or wish for, we kind of expect that thing to happen, usually generating frustration in my life experience. Tips were to not expect anything. No expectations, no frustration, I would say. If you don’t get frustrated at any time, that’s a well-done way of living, right? In the meantime, what about the other side of this mirror. What about that girl you’ve met and you’ve created a lot of next moments with her. The mind is free, it’s your amusement park. Even the house you wish to buy, before you actually buy it, you will imagine how it would be living there, having dinners there. Now, that’s imagination or expectation?

I imagine things all the time, that’s a free service delivered by the brain. I imagine my life differently from what it is, I imagine a better life, far from the last months. If I can’t imagine that, how the hell could I even wish for something different? Is there a limitation for imagination? How could we have light today? How could we have such amazing things being created or invented if our imagination had a judge demanding each one of our thoughts? “This you can imagine, this you can’t imagine, I am sorry”. Imagine and expect are co-related to me. I just hope to have the ability to imagine more in both worlds and expect less from the real world. Expectations x Imagination? Couldn’t clear that up so well yet.

Thanks for reading it.


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