Being calm is totally different from being patience. Being calm is to avoid anger and conflict, however, patience is something I am learning with struggle at the top. Being patience is to wait for the right moment. Is to hold on thoughts that commonly arises now and then. Wait is painful too, but it needs to be present. Wait for things to happen when they should happen and not when we want them to happen. By the dictionary “the capacity to accept or tolerate delay, trouble, or suffering without getting angry or upset.”

The Chinese bamboo three’s history should’ve taught me that a long time ago, but for some reason or another we let the plan apart and start new ones, just because something was out of what we expected. Putting then in place “Expectations” which were also high in my life. Expect something is to wish for it with all your thoughts and perhaps heart. I might confuse expectations with hope, faith, but to me, they are indeed mixed.

Learning how to manage the adversities of life is essential to find balance in whatever aspects you might find yourself into. Wherever the field in our lives, we might strike this kind of accomplishment. Being calm externally and internally. While people might see you as quiet and speechless, there is a whirlwind inside of you asking for an opportunity to speak. In my case, to screw up my chances of getting something awesome in 10 months, rather than getting nothing in five days (what usually happens).

Stick to the plan, being persistent, being smart and having the discipline to finish all the tasks you’ve planned will get something more in between (PATIENCE). Keyword in a world where everything is very demanding and strict nowadays. Even learning to be patience is being patience once again. I hope to get this level of wiseness as soon as possible, to save time and painfulness.

Thanks for reading it.



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