The moment when you can’t move. The moment which you are trapped into something without getting out. For reckless moments we all might end up at the end of this road. Imagination falls apart, creativity is missing. Lack of responsibility, discipline and courage. Stuck in time and space. Well, up and down moments always in the way, only harder when down becomes deep.

Words can’t describe what is going on lately, neither actions. Lean on thoughts, Fat on exhausting thinking. Randomly thinking of recently past events, craving for something better to be present to you. Imagination can’t now create imaginary worlds, only the damn reality of present days. Could be something related to actions? Or actions are those made of the present moment?

Easier to think of an escape when you are out of the bubble, but now being inside the giant and massive wave of hard times. The end of the tunnel, the bottom line of adversities in life can or will drive hard moments to loneliness, just as it was not hard enough. Everyone has its own level of hardness, however, eventually the down moments are for everyone to grow, to be taught and be tested. That’s the only thought coming out of the current present moment.

And now stuck again!


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