A special moment called New Year´s Eve

Fireworks all around, this ordinary moment when people get together to see the sky shines at night. For the last 5 years, I had not shared this moment with anybody. This year has started differently and then I hope that the whole year has a different end. Even those sympathies that are common in the new year’s eve night, I tried this time. Not a believer in luck, but who knows what will come from this simpler act of believing. The part where we can renew the hope is also present in the first minutes of the year.

A message from a distant friend who remembered you in the last hours of the year, or perhaps that great feeling of remembering moments of joy with the beloveds ones. Relatives, friends, acquaintances sharing pictures, sharing wishes and happiness. Somehow we all need to share things, that´s why social medias work so well. We’ve been made to live in a community and in a society, to believe in common sense, being “common” what everybody does, along with everybody feels.

A summary going around our head, reevaluating everything that happened in the year, looking for what went wrong and right. A difficult year indeed, but to me a post graduation in life. A post graduation in facing tough moments and adversities. I just hope to have passed the test and get a new degree and a higher grade of life experience. Learning new stuff: meditation, nutrition, sports, feelings and 80/8, that all came together throwing a huge amount data inside my head, causing too much stress and over thinking. Now settled it down a bit more.

Limit ourselves to take one step ahead, one day at a time, being patience to have what you want to have when the right time comes and not for some sort of immediate feeling that we all have. I’ve never understood the reason why we give so much importance to a specific day, a day which has the same number of hours of an ordinary day, same probably of weather change, however one thing is for sure special in this very day, the hope for better, happiness is now put in place again.

New or old, past or future, day or night, truly happiness is on our radar, always.

Thanks for reading it.


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