What is on the news?Better stay away

If you open any website nowadays to check what is going on in the world, what do you see? From here I can tell you that there is nothing there that could help us at all. I have this weird habit of opening some websites which contain current information of the world’s main news, however, as the days go by, it’s always very frustrating to see what is there. There are thousand of pages and variation of contents, but still, rarely you could use any of that in your life, perhaps discuss with a friend about it. Really difficult to have a good conversation, though.

On the sports, lots of speculations regarding who is or not is coming from a team or another, inducement from UFC fighters or perhaps a former soccer player who was involved in a car accident or murdered its wife under the effect of drugs or alcohol. Politics is a wasting of time, not matter which season we are, not one line is worth talking about it. Mainly topics are related to assassinations, crimes, car crashes. If a plane crashes and a whole soccer team dies, news for an entire month. The sensationalism of these people is terrifying.

If the period is morning, wait for the traffic reporters delivering good or bad news related to the traffic in the city. Well, if you think about it, it’s traffic (if it was good, it should not be called traffic). You can roll on the page down, change tabs, look for anything, but nothing is worth reading or watching. It’s a complete waste of time. Can we waste time? Sure, why not, it’s a free country, however, the wasting here is filling up your brain of catastrophic stuff that can disturb our peace of mind. Five minutes is enough to get an idea of the world’s precious moments.

Not blaming us for having relapse moments of curiosity in checking out what is going on outside of our little town, but should not exist someplace better to be? rather than see that a father murdered his entire family due to jealousy? There are no fairy tales in the current world. Is the world getting worse as we grow or is the age the clear our eyes and makes us see how bad things are getting? Honestly, I think both things are happening. Even though those supposed friends who tell you that you are alienated by not seeing the news, if something is important enough to get you attention, you will be notified for sure.

Thanks for reading it.


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