Everyone is a working in progress

Got this topic from a close friend today and the insights that people can give to you in casual conversation is what amazes me. If everyone is a working in progress, every day seems to be the lessons. People are the books, tough times are the final exams, little hard moments are the monthly tests, friends are, well, friends are friends. Brought the world of life itself to a college high school level.

Like when we are at school or college, you basically don’t understand why you are learning some things at the moment you are learning, “What is this bullshit all about?”, “Why am I learning this?”, “Where am I going to use this”, “What is that for?”, randomly, we ask ourselves such questions, now and ever. I had always taken for granted the basic levels of math, science and chemistry, but now I understand that some lessons are between lines, for not only one purpose in life but many.

I considered myself done by the end of each day, but it wasn’t helping me much, the dumbest promise made it was to set the age of 30 as the highest level of my life, which can’t be accomplished because we are never finished. Every day that it goes by leaving us pieces on the ground to be picked up and stuck back, piece by piece. Life won’t ever stop punching you, so accepting that reality is dealing with life wisely.

Depend on the class, we are better or worse, but what can we do when we are not good at something? Studying and practising. Not other ways around, you can try to learn something without putting many efforts, but we all know where is going to get, right? Those guitar classes that were never made or that martial art that you always wanted to learn, but somehow you haven’t. We are not perfect, we don’t make sense sometimes, we change humour, we change goals, we change, period. We are definitely a working in progress, bottom line, let’s work it out.

Thanks for reading it.


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