The right path

We’ve been born with the ability to do anything we want, almost everyone has born with two legs, two arms, eyes, mouth, lungs, hair, well, everything. Some are taller, others are smaller, but if you really want, whatever you want you can accomplish, it’s a matter of “how much”. After a while, we discover our tastes for things, people, music, places and we start to standardise our own way, then we become a person with certain standards. You may have preferences changed along the way, but I believe that in our essence, things won’t vary that much.

Now, you might work for yourself, for a company or for many companies, but the truth is, what has gotten you into that position right now? Was that your curiosity for that specific subject or area that you liked? Maybe life has led you to your current place in life. We can’t control the things around us, independent of what happens with the economy, nature, randomly events over the years, we can choose to do whatever we want to do, but how to choose best?

I believe that we all have an amount of things that we can do well and that one thing we do extremely well. That one thing might be the most difficult one to be chosen, but the difference between be average and be outstanding is settle. Choosing and deciding to risk in that one thing we love can drastically change the life we have and we will have. I’ve been able to like many different things and liking many things is difficult for me. Doing things for pleasure and disregard money? Consider money the main focus of our life and disregard what you like? Hard to say, right? If somebody has that answer, please, share it.

What I’ve come to appreciate is that we can build more than one path. If one doesn’t work, the other one might work, if you are bored in one, you can switch to another, but before that, we should have some background in general. Nice and solid structure, solid values and a great understanding of life. How to do that? Reading, learning, training, focusing on small and solid goals. Will Smith once said that his father asked them to build a wall in front of this house. Then, he and his brother told him that the wall could not be done. His father said “You don’t try to build a wall. “I am gonna build the biggest and greatest wall of all”. You must instead say “I am gonna lay this brick as perfect as a brick can be laid”, you do that ever single day, and one day you will have a wall”.

Has your wall been built? Has it has a solid structure? How tall is it? Maybe time to think about it.

Thanks for reading it


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