Choosing what is meant to be

I’ve always believed in love, no matter towards who. Affection for friends and family members, love for those who are around us and living our lives with us. Love for things we enjoy doing it, for people who are special to us. I love people, people being those who share or shared moments with me along these 30 years. Love is not a choice, but something built-in us. We don’t choose to be who we want, we just are beings made of what we lived, living then is our essence. I met love once, she had a wonderful skin, brown hair, eyes that could make you freeze, by just a look, heart beating, beating and pressure going down. Love had this effect when I was not prepared to receive it, I am still not, actually.

Love can present itself in many ways and times, it comes and goes until the final day when you will be shocked by the unknown. Some people say, “I am not looking for anything serious”, but the truth is that we are all looking for it, we might just be afraid to find it and if we find it, we are afraid to lose it, perhaps because of our unprepared state of being. It’s completely understandable that we won’t find the bigger prize in the first attempt, however, we are always trying to find it, from the 1st attempt to the 100th one. As the time goes by, we learn, better judgment of what we want and who we want beside us.

The reality is upon us, day by day, showing us what hurts and what feels good. For what to fight and when to let it go. Sincerity in the voice of those who speak to you, as well as your own voice when speaking to others. The uncontrolled, the unknown, the new, the different, the excitement or the curiosity of taking us to take actions and experience the challenges of what we don’t know. What happened, had to happen, what was spoken had to be spoken, none of what you do in the present can revert anything already in the past, what is meant to be is what will be, even though we have hard times thinking the opposite or reminiscing about facts in the past.

Life is fragile, we are fragile, despite the appearances, we are not endlessly here, we will end one day and what can be left behind is our capacity of changing things in every single aspect of us, for the better, for the new, for our good and friend’s and family’s good.

Thanks for reading it.


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