Why do we stop?

This topic I’ve gotten from a friend. Why do we stop? I am not sure why that happen, but it’s a very common thing we all do. We start running, for no reason, we quit. We start studying, again, no reason, we quit. Sometimes it might have reasons, but why then we had started it? It comes to me that our “why” it’s most of the times very weak, no strong enough to keep us going. You have an idea of starting something new. Day 1, you start, all good, new thing, good vibes, great. Day 5, now four days went by and we are still firm and solid. Day 20, things are now nineteen days far from day 1 and suddenly we quit. It’s been a great attempt, but “forget about it”, “it wasn’t for me”, “it’s too hard”. Feel excuses, made of nothing.

Bad thoughts are like weeds, they can grow through the cracks of a sidewalk. Bad feelings = Bad thoughts = Bad behavior = Excuses. It’s a chain. One thing takes to another. You eat badly, you behave badly, you think badly. These are thoughts polluting our mind and taking us to quit. If you start something for a bad reason or for the wrong reason, you will probably fail. It happens more often than anything else. Why? We are made of feelings, feeling well one day, feeling bad on other days or moments. It’s very crucial for us to have clear what we want because most of the times we just think we want something and suddenly it really changes.

Discussing with other friends just yesterday one important strategy. If something persists in your mind, you might have something there, but if it doesn’t, it wasn’t probably for real. Persist in something can be tricky, furthermore, we should always watch out. I have persisted in some things that I really want, but it’s not because you want something, that it suppose to happen, despite all the goodness in it, the clear mind you have, the good intentions. Hell is full of good intentions, they say. One of other reasons we stop things, it’s because it ain’t for you.

How do we comprehend what is not for us? Really, really good questions which I might have a couple of answers or more questions. Is destine a real thing or the things that happen were all set on the day we were born? Is the free will, real? I’ve been caught up on that. Depending on the situation we might think “Well, this what it was supposed to happen”. In another moment, depending on how we feel, we might also think “Damn, this is what I want, I won’t give up on that”. A real roller-coaster of mixed feelings, right? As we are made of feelings, each one us should make decisions, based on our heart or our brain? One question led to others. Sorry for that.

Thanks for reading it.


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