Say it! Do it! Share it!

Well, today’s post is about what I have been doing this far with this blog. The idea of having ideas is the purpose of living. Creating things from nothing or based on anything you might have been involved with, that’s the beauty of being a human being and have our own life. Sharing is to grow. It’s also a way of telling whoever is around you that you are a thinker, not only a person who tries to imitate others and doesn’t have any content within yourself. Once, speaking to a friend and I heard this “Say it! Do it! Share it! if people don’t agree or don’t like, it’s their problem”. I’ve always worried about the things people might say when doing something, but at the of the day, I had done it, period.

What if Shakespear had not painted his extraordinary paintings or Albert Einstein had kept all of his knowledge to himself, where would we be right now? The idea of creating new contents and having ideas during our lifetime is what keeps me going. Enough of the same, the same thing over and over again. Common sense might have dragged us deeply down in the “normal” and “the ordinary”. Imagination is us for only, human, unfortunately or fortunately, lions have no imagination, what if they had? They perhaps would create new ways to hunt or to move or to get out of their cages and look at that “we might not be safe walking around the city knowing the lions are smart animals and they could be waiting at our doorway just waiting for us to go home, so they could have a very nice dinner”.

We are the ones who were born with IMAGINATION and CREATIVITY. Create something new, whatever it might be, a new spreadsheet for your work, a new way of cooking, a new song, a new poem, a new way of studying. Reinvent something already been invited, but better. Restlessly not been accommodated by regular sayings from normal people. Being normal is normal and what has normal gotten to us? A normal life? Life was given to be fully lived, not just pacifically lived. We are capable of taking something out of nothing and transforming it, into wonderful and outstanding things, as well as, awful and terrible things, that’s a choice.

By sharing what you’ve researched, what you’ve learned, what you’ve realised and what you’ve lived, you are also unconsciously helping others without even bothering yourself, that also brings the concept that “helping” is possible without you need to “lend, give, spend” money to your family, community or friends. You don’t need to give your stuff, give gifts, taking people to expensive places on expensive cars. Your knowledge is much more valuable than this. Knowledge can’t be bought, borrowed or taken. An Idea is the only thing that can transform a thought into something real. It’s our essence and something that has been given for us to use it.

Thanks for reading it.


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