Heaven and Hell

For years and years, the definition of these two words symbolizes the happiness and sadness of humankind. The presupposed idea of a marvelous place where will find peace and be forever happy leads us to do good while here, to make it happen well, right? So if do not follow the right path we will end up and disgrace at the end of our lives, not true, though. When you think about what life is indeed, a mystification of these two words. Life is heaven and life is hell. Hell in on a sense of suffering for doing something bad, but if something bad is not done and still we suffer, what is it? Why?

Is it heaven when you meet something and that person knocks your socks off? Is it heaven to fell like life is great and we must live forever? Heaven is present at every single moment when you are happy and feeling joy. Hell is hard times, a strong word, but the two could be defined is equal. Hell to some people can implicate suffering, blood, pain, just like horror movies show us. Again, from what that came from? When a beloved leave us, when we fail, when we hit our car and suffer an accident, when and when and when, things happen for good or bad, this is heaven and hell happening here, not in a sort of above the sky or under the ground type of reality.

I am going to do good so I can go to heaven or I won’t murder anyone because I can’t go to hell. Two sentences explaining how we think regarding life and afterlife. There might be a place for us to rest, but not to suffer. I still hold my thoughts on that, but one thing I believe for sure, what is done here it will be returned to you here. Unfortunately, there is misery everywhere, there is starvation, there is war, killing, fear on this very present day, not in hell, here. The uncertainty of what will happen, the doubts, the questions, the impatient state of being, excitement takes place.

Seeing someone suffer also makes us suffer, mainly someone we love, but then the reality leave us here, pure and defenseless, trying to react, to make something, anything, just to stop the pain. The pain of others and the pain within. On the other hand, seeing someone happy also makes us happy and we can’t make nothing about that, how are we supposed to make it better? It is already in the advantage state of heaven. Heaven and hell, up and down, states of living a life full filled with life itself. I just hope that we all can find more of our heavens and less of our hells, for one day whatever happens after our last breath falls into our spirit and we can rest in peace.

Thanks for reading it.


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