The bad habit of always eating

A good habit is always good for you, that’s why it has the adjective “good” before it. Now, there are many ways to describe what is good for you in certain levels. Eat is essential for any human being, if not we would die of starvation, however, what would be the opposite of starvation “eating too much”? If you think about it, one of the 7 sins is greediness, actually the first one. Over the years, to eat is a common thing we do, but how often? Certainly, many of us wouldn’t be able to say how much we eat and what we are eating of. This is 95% of the population just eating whatever is put in front of them. Does it taste good? Good, I am going to eat it.

Eating too much doesn’t cause any troubles for us, besides gaining weight and feeling good, what is the worst thing that can happen? Of course, you can’t measure it after 10 years of a bad diet. Despite the good aspects, eating too much can be a very dangerous thing and we should ask ourselves, why am I eating this much? Coffee break, pre-lunch, lunch, post-lunch, dinner, post-dinner. I have been involved in a 8 meals diet during a whole year, not difficult to follow it. Despite the fact what we put in our body is essentially good for us, it is also discipline brought to our lives. We should know and be aware of ingredients that we are consciously putting in our mouth. We weren’t born to eat.

A life without discipline is a life of disgrace, some people might say this, but that is true, in fact. If there is no boundaries, no rules, no parameters, we are then “Animals” without the privilege of having brains to take wise decisions. Learning about food is essential and that should’ve been taught in school, but I wouldn’t dare bring that up, there are several other deficiencies in our school program to be fixed first. Nutrition contents have many sources and you might ask “in which one should we believe in?” Well, for my life experience, the ones which have a trustworthy source, respectful doctors, really important people who have dedicated their life to this matter.

A habit, eating is a habit nowadays, beyond the necessity and you will only see it here in big cities where supermarket brands offer thousand of different products for us to consume. We pick up a package (quick and easy) go home, eat and that’s it, You are paying for not having to cook. An unfair trade, because the damages that the little package can cause you over the years is unmeasurable, only your family and yourself will realize it when you will be in a hospital bed, suffering from whatever diseases you might be caring with you. Cancer, Alzheimer’s disease, memory loss, diabetes, and many others. How do you think these illnesses are born in the first place? Certainly is something in our environment, perhaps what you’ve been eating lately.

Think about it.

Thanks for reading it.


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