The Dangerous Internet

The access to the internet at any moment of our day seems to be a very outstanding fact, right? The Internet is the open door to everything you want to know at any moment you want to know and having things whenever we want. Thi is kind of an easy way to an indiscipline life. Think about that! a child in her or his eight’s being able to choose thousand of videos, movies, etc. Even though is only cartoons, it’s already the first sign of “here I can pick what I want”. I am making this comparison with children because I believe that somehow the addiction to the internet starts there, such as to drugs, disabling our power over the children who are exposed to the internet a hundred percent of the time.

Now, for us adults, who are already owners of our destinies and faith, there is no moderation over the internet, except our own. If no one is telling you when to access the internet, how do you measure your data usage over a day? I’ve seen and realise the damage of internet usage and a certain disease that it will for sure make part of our future, maybe in the next ten to fifteen years. The “cell-phone disease” in which people are so addicted to their phones that they can’t stay away from it at any moment. Looking for charging their phones in airports, drug stores, supermarkets and many other places. What is the excuse? “Someone might call me”, “I need to play that game now”, “I need to see that post my friend told me about”,  I can endlessly make up excuses, certainly you can make yours.

As for everything in life, both sides, black and white, too much vs too little, I think only in this case, that too little internet might be actually good for you, however good use of the internet can also be good for you, instead of rolling down the Facebook feeds, Instagram, any other social media or entertainment you might have, it can drive you there for hours without you even noticing, be careful with that. The Internet has places for everyone, for good and bad people, for good and bad usage of your time and if there is no one to teach us how much of each is good, it’s up to us to decide and analyse this fact, taking the best decision possible.

Some actions we can take to detach ourselves from this insane life of thousand of feeds being throwing out to our minds constantly every single second while we are exposed to it. You may not notice, but yes, you are a consumer of what the internet provides and is it paid by who? If you have been bombarding by advertisements all the time, there is someone who is paying for it. You might choose what you want, but there is an influence of who knows who, on what you are seeing. Turning off your mobile data and wi-fi while working is a good tip and if something is real important, your number will be reached by someone when the call you. Set times for staying there and limit it to let’s say for 30min, get out of there and go back to work. While home, leave a box with your cell phone in it, just pick it back next day, the light of your cell phone disturbs your sleeping, make test, just do not let your cell phone / the Internet control your life.

Thanks for reading it.


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