One wish

If you had a wish, what would you like to wish for? I wonder if there is something unrealized that we want to realize now or perhaps changing a fact in our past or wishing to know something in our feature. One wish only, nothing more. I presumably think that most people would wish for money and then they could accomplish anything with money. Certainly, it would be a lot easier to have things with money, wouldn’t be?

Despite the fact that there are things that are part of us because of our genetics or because the things we’ve been exposed to, it’s would be more important to change something that bothers us in some way, rather than having a lot of money, tough decision, though. R$1.000.000,00 in your bank account or being more courageous, being more confident, being more certain of things in life, what would have more value?

I’ve learned things about money that I always disregard in the past, I’ve also learned about many things in the past years, it has been a graduation in life that I’ve been going through. Basic fundaments that were once ignored are now necessary. Maybe a wish from ten years ago would be considered a mistake nowadays and it might happen again in ten upfront because we change a lot, we change from a day to another, from one month to another, even from one hour to another, ain’t it right?

I wish I had more access to information in the past, I wish I had been in contact with more fantastic friends of the current days, I wish I could’ve seen what I can see now or did things that I can do now. I wish I could know what it will happen in ten 10 years, I wish I could talk more and wishes go along the way. I wish I didn’t have to think about this, but well, life isn’t a mathematic calculation that has definite values, it’s an equation with thousand of different solutions that might be right for you and wrong for me, wrong for you and right for me and if you don’t think about it, who will?


Thanks for reading it



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