Friendship for all ocasions

Friends are my psychologists, doctors, coaches, financial consultants, nutritionists and all other segments of our life. Friendships along the years were made unintentionally just by talking and some kind of energy built during small talks here and then, suddenly one friendship was made. I give so much value to friends that they are part of the family I have, and well, that’s a huge family. To me, the importance that family members have is somehow equal to a real friendship with a friend. Facebook friends, neighborhood friends, school friends, childhood friends, friends from everywhere and all ages.

Friends serve you well because we discuss similar subjects, ideas bring together in all moments. People are friends because they share a similarity in something and they like to talk about it. Some relationships last just because we are co-works or go to the same gym, but for the most of them, I think it’s real friendship, some are closer than others and they increase and decrease all the time regarding proximity. Life is not perfect and we all have goals and those goals put you close to some friends and far from other friends, however in the next 2 years, you might be closer to those ones that were far once.

Being alone is one of the worst things I thought that would help me in building up a successful life, and every time I stepped back from my friends I felt a disconnection between me and my life goals. Be alone for a month with zero contact with my friends, not good. Suddenly I realized that I need them for everything. We need some time in the day, alone, to do what? To study, to make progress in some projects, to also train and relax and of course to sleep, besides these periods, friends come along to fulfill my heart with love, affection, concern, and all good feelings a good relationship can carry.

I take advantage of my friends by learning from them their best aspects all the time. I really appreciate the nice energy that powerful and important people can give to me. I learn by asking them “how do you do this?” or just by paying attention in their actions and accomplishments. Nobody is perfect, so I disregard any bad thing that I might see and just take everything good they have. Goodness takes several hard times and several difficult situations to grow in a person. We care about things that are important and fight for things that matter. I have the pleasure to have contact with people around the world and most important with many unique friends in my daily life, talking to them about everything they care about. With each friend I have specifics subjects, so we don’t bother one another with uninteresting things, just because we are different for a reason, but we are equal in so many other ways.

Thanks for reading it.



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