Exercises and Food Intake

There were, there are and there will be a plant of discussion regarding what to eat and when to eat before, after and during exercises. This has been a big challenge for me and I assume for many other people around the globe. We make appointments with nutritionists to make it right, accept the suggestion to what is the best for eating and keeping health great. Along of 2014 when I started running and swimming I was in an 8-meal diet with plenty of food available, changing goals between two to four months. Increase lean mass, lose weight or lose fat. For me once again, the benefits of a good diet are essential for not only training but for mental health too.

Fasting is one of the ingredients for keeping my body not processing food. I’ve found out that it might be an important strategy for losing weight and also for gain lean mass. One important fact here is that each one works in a different way, it might be some resiliencies from one individual to another, but at the end of the day, the individuality is the most important fact after 3 years of struggling with food intake in my life. If I could consider choosing what my organism could process well and what not? Not hard to imagine that I and everybody else wouldn’t choose something to harm ourselves.

From my point of view, nutritionists are friends that help you to develop the best strategy for your diet, for awhile you will be on a diet and after two months, another diet and so on. The diet is basically a change of what you’ve been eating to accomplish a goal, then you return to your old habit of eating what you were eating before the diet started and that always might change. See what is happening here? Could somebody be jumping from diet to diet an entire life? I don’t think that this would be effective, so the answer for what is good to eat and a train is changing what you eat entirely, for good. How to do that? Well, I believe and what I have lived is that we should learn about food, one of the most important matters in the world, food. How can we know so little?

From macro nutrients to how your body process each ingredient of your meal is not only necessary to be known, but also a curious area of human beings, isn’t it? What if yourself could make your own meal knowing that eggs are essentially cholesterol and protein, that rice is basically pure glucose with no more nutrients and it can be added to your diet at specific times of the day. To know what to eat can be a game changing for you, for your family, for your friends. Nobody might follow you, but for sure they will question what you’ve been doing if get a good result. Low-carb, high-carb or vegetarian diet, not matter which one you pick, just test it. A healthy body has a healthy mind and a healthy mind is able to do amazing things. Keep it in mind when you make your plate of food.

Thanks for reading it.


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