Weight Control – Be conscious

It`s a 30-year-old-war against weight control. Watch my words when I speak to you about this matter. Let’s be a little grown up here and start taking things a little bit more seriously. Imagine for a second that you’ve gained weight for a period of time without doing any exercises, right? Well, getting it from a perspective of a person who was always above weight, you might think it’s genetics, right? However, when it comes from a person who was slim and suddenly (no quite) gained weight over years, what it might be the cause of the weight gain? Let’s say that something is causing the issue, I’ll call it “something” because you may not know what it is yet, but I do, after almost 3 years of struggling with my weight.

“Diet”, this four-letter word which many people have problems with it’s a problem. To be on diet is to be on a restricted food intake, and the question is, for how long? Three, six, nine months or even one year? For me there is no diet, there won’t be and this word should be erased from world’s vocabulary. Diet is food company’s excuses to build processed food for you to take. I am studying about it, getting curious about it and it’s amazing how we make ourselves fools without even knowing. Face your fears and do it anyway. Face the fact that nowadays people get fat very easily and the reason is FOOD.

Let’s make a test. Evaluate with you’ve been eating, how many times you’ve been eating, if you hungry all the time, if you feel fine during the day, if you sleep well and if you consider your health good. After doing this evaluation, take a step back on your food intake and see, probably what you’ve been most eating are complex carbohydrates and sugar. These two nasty ingredients have change the way people eat, so their weight. People have been fooling around with their food and they have also paid the price. Weight control is not a matter of look only, but it also more related to health. They way you look is indeed correlated to your habits, either food habits or moving habits.

Once you’ve known the problem, the root of the issue which is causing damages to your body, it’s time to take action and change the way you’ve been feeding yourself on a daily basis. FOOD is what is causing you to gain uncontrolled weight. As adults, we must “not should” learn what are processed food made of and see that there are things there (in the packages), that were put there just to make you eat more and not for your health to get better. Food companies do not earn money by making you healthier, but by making you eat more. It’s how they make their profit, be conscious of that. I am not talking about eradicating it from your life, but drastically reduce the amount of processed food you eat, then evaluate again the benefits of it and make a decision.

Be conscious what you’ve been eating, it’s a necessary knowledge to have.

Thanks for reading it


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