Keeping a good relationship with English (or other languages)

It’s not a mystery that learning a new language is challenging to the majority of people, whether is English or any other language. The bottom line is that there are some basic fundamentals that you need to be aware of, before jumping into an English Class school (private or shared). For the sake of not wasting your time, prior to starting paying for English classes, you should establish some reasons why are you willing to learn that language, examples:

  • Will it give more importunities in the marketplace?
  • Will it help me to reach more people world wild?
  • Are my jobs opportunities increase after learning it?
  • Will it help me to develop other skills or enable me having access to more contents?

Right, after you answer these questions about it, you now must evaluate if it will be worth to spend your time and efforts towards this goal, if the answer is YES, then you might now want to start building some strategies, such as:

  • Define a deadline ( I want to be writing, speaking and talking this language by the end of 2018);
  • How many classes will I be having during the week? (Three classes a week);
  • What are other ways that I can keep learning without staying a classroom? (Apps, songs, movies, etc);
  • am I a visual or listening learner? (I learn better, visualizing pictures or listening to talks, or even both);

Great! Now you have definitions to why and how you will learn the language. Ready to start? Be aware that for a consistent process you will have to have consistency (of course) and discipline. Discipline is doing what you need to do, even though you don’t want to and consistency is doing it on the scheduled dates for a period of time. Once you have started the process, think as if you have started a relationship with somebody, at the beginning, you like the person on a lower level, as the relationship goes on, you start missing the other person, suddenly you are holding each other hands and hanging around more often, that´s how you relationship with the foreign language must be.

Don’t fool yourself thinking that you will learn English in two years and get rid of the “boring thing” and be able to use it whenever you want. If you learn a language here in Brazil or abroad and you don’t keep in touch with it, you will lose the abilities and interesting towards that it, so at the end of the day, was it worth to spend time and money on some matter and lose the knowledge after? A good relationship is one where you want to keep and if you don’t want to keep it, better leave it as it is (none relationship).

Well, this is my contribution to those who wish to learn other languages, from a vast experience since my earlier tweenties, I think it might help understanding the process first, prior to beginning it.

Thanks for reading it


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