Dreamland – A good place to be

Have you ever thought about a place to be, where imagination takes over? Dreaming is an open door to that place, even if it’s a nightmare. For some reason we all must sleep, we all need to rest and it’s inevitable that we also dream, we might not remember it, but we can have many small dreams at night, only remembering the last one.  In the search of having a relaxed night, I would always try to sleep earlier than usual and prepare for the night, but miserably making a mistake. Dreamland is the place where our imagination takes control, the body shuts down and what happens there is incongruent with what happens in real life, whatever it’s that you dream with, is somehow related to what you’ve been seen, watching, reading and in contact with.

If you go and watch a movie prior to the sleep time you set, probably your dreams will have something related to the movie, it’s very likely that it happens, but it can also be related to a very serious phase of your life, gigantic problems, tough times perhaps, but to me is undeniable that the unconscious part of our brains absorbs what happens in real life, furthermore I believe that decreasing the amount of garbage that can be possibly be absorbed by us is crucial to even have a good night of sleep and having a good dream-night.

Entering in the dreamland is untouchable, you can barely remember how and when a dream started, when you remember a dream is always like you telling the story half-way, not beginnings here, right? If entering there is untouchable, leaving there is fast. Have you ever woken up during the best time of a dream? I think that is unfair, sort of speak, but we can’t control when to wake up for a reason, if the dream is too good, we might end up staying there forever, who knows if one day you finally have the dream you’ve always wished for. The place, people, things all perfect there, well, I wouldn’t probably stay there, so we would have people sleeping across the city, stopping here. The mind is genial, but it needs the body to sustain it.

If a dream is just a dream, a wish, so why do have it? It’s not the opposite of being realistic and being realistic is what matters, right? Reality, life, this very moment writing these words in the office’s desk. For more realistic you are, no one can deny that everybody dreams, it’s not a choice, and if the ability of dream was giving to us, we must use it. I wish for many things, I wish for a better life, better things, more comfort and happiness and maybe life can be half filled with unconditional dreams and real dreams (real life). It’s naive to have beautiful and vivid dreams all nights, but I think within time is possible, after all, that’s your life, your mind, your dreamland to be livid too, a mind without sleeping –> dream doesn’t exist.

Dream it all…

Thanks for reading it


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