Learning from a frienook

If creativity is a unique form of creation in each one of us, here is a new term I just made up, Frienook, it’s not misspelled.  A matching of the words friend and book. These two worlds have a very significant meaning in the life of people who is willing to grow and learn. I can tell that the most valuable things I’ve learned were from a book (in school, personal reading or any other reading kind) or from a very good conversation with a close friend. Discussing what you’ve been through with somebody is a lived way of exchanging experiences in a non-fiction way. No theories. You lived, tested it and you testified the results. Is there a better way than that to learn something, put into practice and experience the results.

Learning from self-experienced facts is something to be taken into consideration, but how to start from that? What are you trying to experience? From where did the information you are getting come from in order the attempt something? Getting it from a friend or a book is considerable because your friend is willing to help you, well, it’s your friend. Now, from a book is also a good idea because a book took the writer a long way to be written, researchers made and time spent. There is one saying that “if there is something you are going through and it’s a challenge, probably somebody else already went trough the same situation one day and wrote about it”. Imagine that life itself has a devasting time-period, we in our 20’s, 30’s, 40’s or 80’s are too young compared to human existence. Imagine how many facts have already happened.

After a lot of resistance towards reading, I admit now that reading is essential to every human being, it stimulates your brain, reading skills and knowledge, meaning “learning, improving, making it better”. A friend, on the other hand, is somebody who has shared with you moments, thoughts, ideas, moments and has a caring for you, that colleagues or co-workers wouldn’t have, well that is the difference between them after all, right? If you care for somebody, you want them good, you want to share with them what you’ve learned, so they don’t have the same problems you had in the path of finding the solution for a problem. If you’ve been learning something and it will make a friend’s life easier, why not share it? Happiness is only true when shared, of course, there are people who you share things with, but they just don’t see it, in that case, never mind, you’ve tried.

A frienook could be something like a friend who reads and shares information with their friends, consider myself a frienook, but just in case it still confusing, consider a book written by a friend that you’ve been reading, both cases work. It’s just a healthy joke I am trying to play with to mention the importance of knowledge from two different trustworthy sources. Be careful with the many sources of information on the internet, there are many different people, companies, type of people who have secondary intentions when writing or publishing articles on the Internet, depending on how you type your search you might just taking information from a non-reliable source which just wants to make money through you by selling you their products. Choose a friend or a book first and reliable websites when researching on the web.

Thanks for reading it.


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