The rough time of being Overweight

Think about a life of a person who had, since childhood the literal weight in his or her life, think about that. Being above weight is something that can have drastically damages in a person’s life. Both sideways, at the end, in the adulthood. To overcome those darks days and build a new you or suffer for the rest of his or her life. The focus here, it’s emphasizes that the damages that being overweight can have in people’s lives. If ain’t your case, you’ve been alway been slim and never had a weight problem, you wouldn’t probably care about this subject, as well as all people in the world, if something doesn’t affect you, why would care?

Problem is that, in a body where there is fat everywhere, you are unable to move, to perform well in sports, to dress well, your self-esteem is low down and right at the time when you develop yourself. Unfortunately, in the 90’s we didn’t have much access to information and to be fat was a normal thing, you are a fat person (period). So, even your thoughts are relating to it, “well I am fat, nothing I can do”, “well, I could do something, but it’s just too hard”. The time took concerning about weight is rough. Every time you try to wear something new, buy new clothes is drastically damaging to you, nothing look good, things just don’t feat. A life of a child who had or has this reality in their life is just nothing that nobody would care, besides the children, only years after the damage could be fixed.

Gladly, nowadays there are much more information to avoid the side effects of an obese life, when the fault isn’t the parents, isn’t the family or the child itself, the fault is the food industry which only thinks about profit, health my ass, as many crackers as you can put in your mouth, better it’s. The light products, light stuff, last fat and more grains, it’s what brought us to the reality of human beings in the late 20’s. Since ever, the weight problem is everywhere, concerns of everybody, even those who are fit or in good shape, must worry about (gaining one weight here or there). Isn’t human body a perfect form of life? When we are hungry, we feel hungry, feeling tired? the body asks for some rest and what about this uncontrolled and insatiable need for food, what is damaging our natural appetite is right in front of us.

Please, don’t be naive. Lives of billions of people over the world had and have horribly suffered because of the easy and unfair offering of supposedly healthy food in the supermarkets, people spend more for less when buying poor nutrition food. Less money, less healthy and a quicker death ahead. A body which is fat, it ain’t genetics fault, we might or might not be inclined to gain weight, but the fact is, the human body was not made to sit at home for hours, unable to move and exercise. Something else has interfered in the normal and natural way of being a human being and living. The food industry makes food which makes us sick, Medication companies make pills to heal us for those bad foods, doctors are taught to heal us, but never, never in form of prevention. So we are the wheel of a huge industry, where Hospitals, Supermarkets, Doctors, Companies everywhere benefit from it. Don’t get me wrong, doctors, healthy are necessary for all of the other diseases, besides those who were caused by what we eat.

Thanks for reading it.



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