Your body is the only vehicle that can carry you trough this life

There are many sources of information around us. From any specific subject, you may want information, there are many different points of views, opinions, and perspectives. When we are growing, mostly of the times we are not concerned about anything rather than what are we going to eat, watch, places we are going, parties, basically just living the life as it is. Roughly we start to realize how much time was lost but wasn’t it then necessary back then, to realize now the things we’ve realized. I believe that we must go trough things and while we going trough things we have no much sense of it. Steve Jobs said that he could not connect the dots looking forward, only when he looked backward he was able to see it.

Having a good health is the basic fundamentals to accomplish things in life. When speaking about health people often think about a nice physical body shape, but is this the only thing that a good health means? After walking around and visualizing people’s behavior, have you ever heard of someone who has very little pain, who is never sick, never had gone to the hospital or suffered an injury? Have you ever met somebody like this? I guess is rarely found a person who has these characteristics, right? So, what do you think about taking care of the most precious thing you have and it was given to you for free? Health it meant to be for physical, mental and spiritual. When these three health aspects are aligned, then I think we are at the top of ourselves to then be able to think faster, process information quick, do things better.

The root of all our problems is the environment we live in, contextualizing it as things we (drink, eat, touch, breathe, see, hear, sense). What could be harming our body in any aspect? Being sick is kind of normal, but to me, it should be a day when I wouldn’t even remember what is to be sick, to feel stressed or depressed. I seek this day and more and more each day, it can be challenging or even insane to think like that, but what if so? what if the only concern that we would have was to what is my next task? What is my next goal? Where my friends are? When is my next vacation? Never, never strike down by flu, never having any aches that might exist?

I crave for a life where my body is just a tool for accomplishing my goals (triathlon) who knows. The motivation speaker Less Brown said once “If there is no enemy within, the enemy outside can do us no harm”. Indeed, that is totally true, if you are not sick, lazy, feeling aches all around, with low-level energy, what accomplishes could you been doing right now? I am not goind to train because X, Y or Z. Usually, we don’t train or do things we are supposed to do, because of what? We have no disposal. I intend to have one day the energy and health to never use phrases like that because I’d trained my mind, body, and spirit to have enough strength to do what I want to do when I want to do (reading, swimming, running, meditating…)

Thanks for reading it.

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