The sadness of a restricted world

When restricting your world in barriers that nobody else is engaged to, it’s kind of leaving behind some believes that you had your entire life. The world is and it will always be too noisy to me. The Matrix is full of what we commonly know, see and hear on a daily basis. It’s the common sense that facilitated the living of who are not trying to achieve extraordinary things, but is that a problem with that? Of course, no. Each one of us has its own ideas, ideals, and goals. What is most common is that everybody wants comfortable and safe lives and who has realized that for having those things it’s not only necessary but crucial to give up on things that you already have to have something you never had. For example, laziness and strength can’t co-exist, or you in a state of one or the other.

The strange fact when you restrict things in your life is that you restrict them normally when it’s causing you to think more about that, you might restrict foods because they cause you some bad feelings, or perhaps restrict a TV-show because is full of useless information there. We restrict and add things to our lives in other to change, change is so called, the world that rules most of the human beings who are driven by something more. In a certain way, to appreciate what you already have is the baseline for living a happy life. If you do not appreciate what you already have, you will always want more and never be satisfied, however, appreciate what you have and willing for more is not wrong, as long as you are happy where you are. It’s a miss conception that if it’s clarified, it might help.

There is giant bubble surround many people who wake up, eat, work and go sleep. I am not criticizing them because everyone chooses the path of its life, but it’s certainly assured that not chasing new challenges in no matter area of your life is devastating for a life that was giving to you. Life is a gift given by God and what we do in life is gift send back to him. Whether you believe in God or not, there must be something or someone you believe and have faith. It’s proven that in hard moments, the faith is the only thing that it will keep on track. Difficult time is not for us to suffer, but to learn and change, by learning and changing we grow.

Intriguingly a self-restriction is measured by yourself, as well as self-discipline, which things you should/must do and which things you should/must restrict. Who is ruling it? Can you tell you what is going in the right direction or not? How to measure that? I am clueless sometimes when considering what the direction of my own life, is that only my struggle? I hope not because I would love to have an experienced nutritionist, runner, swimmer, teacher transfering all the things they’ve gone trough in life, that would make it easier to me, but I would be a lot happier to describe all of it in the next 10 or 15 years. Tell and share what gains were found during years and years to come.

Thanks for reading it


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