Sometimes only one change is needed

Have you ever been caught up in a situation where things have changed drastically from one day to another and the only thing that change was your perspective of the facts? Well, this commonly happens in our lives and it’s an advantageous thing if you can set up your mind to the other side, flip the coin for once. No change it back after awhile, I think that it’s the same thing of getting a new habit. The habit of seeing things simpler, not over complicating things and not reminiscing about the past bad events that might have happened in your life. After all, changes are and they will always be necessary, but turning on or off some things only once.

Switch on the good habits and switch off the bad ones, but this time I would like to spend time talking more about perspective. Sometimes you don’t need more money or a higher salary, you just need to live with what you already have, change habits regarding finances, for example, that will not only save you money but it also change your entire path towards a successful wealthy life. The perspective has to change. One thing that I’ve learned is that if you want to keep getting where you’re getting, just continue doing what you’ve been doing. 

The idea of changing perspective is ideal for noticing that you might not need a pair of new glasses, your glasses just need an adjustment. Same things happen with your car, clothes, stuff around the house. It’s better to reorganize things, put things in place than leaving your house, going to the shopping mall and buy a whole bunch of new things. Okay, sometimes that is necessary, but in most cases, it’s not. The lack of money is the root of all evils. People kill for money, steal for money, people go to jail for money. And what is money after all? A piece of paper which has value for extending for things we also value. To include a value in our lives I believe it must be a value in all sectors. You can’t be independently wealthy if you don’t have a good health and things go on. Good health > Good humor > Disposition > Thinking clearly > Executing things marvelously > Satisfied > Happy > Eating good > Sleep > Good night!!!

Day after day, good humor or bad humor are most common to exist (like a roller coaster), but I haven’t given up on the idea of one day having only 10% bad humor, stress, and dissatisfaction in my life and 90% all good. It’s insane, it’s heavy, but it’s worthy to me reaching that thinking rather than stay comfortable with the mediocrity of a common, regular, normal, ordinary life. It ain’t what we are here for. Many people are died now, just walking around, going up and down, waking up and sleeping for no other purpose in life. Life is a gift and we constantly try to damage it by not watching our what we hear, eat, listen and spend our time with. A good night of sleep might provide a good dream which will increase your day in amounts of aspects, but everything started the night before when you decided to read a book of your interesting, in place of turning on the TV and fooling yourself with bullshits of the nowadays world.

Thanks for reading it.


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