Coffee machine (simple as that)

What does a coffee machine do? Coffee! Right? So, you can’t expect that a coffee machine produces coffee and milk when preparing your coffee. It doesn’t work like that, just because you want it. A machine was built for a purpose, that’s acceptable and understandable that a coffee machine was made to be a coffee machine. Making the coffee is a unchangeable fact, period. Sometimes I see people doing the same thing, over and over again and never changing it. Okay, if the “not changing” attitude was transparent to what the person is saying, but to those who have realised that some things are just fact in their lives and nothing else is to me something like “All right, I am a coffee machine”, I just can do this and nothing else.

The fact that there are many things that won’t change in us (the size of your head, your genetics, the colour of your eye, etc) there are many others that must change, but while you keep it in your “should list” it won’t probably happen. Expecting that a person who has not education to be polite is the same to expecting that the coffee machine makes milk. Some aspects of our human characteristics are difficult to change, some aren’t. A solution for this way of thinking might be to know when to expect something from somebody, that saves a lot of time and stress. It’s preferable and expectable, as simple as that.

There are coffee machines more sophisticated in the market, for sure, so that’s it, some people can be nice and patience, others nice and something else. My point is that every time we try to push a quality that in your perspective is right, to be also right in other people, it’s just a miss concept that leads us to disappointment. You expose a bunch of arguments to yourself trying to understand why the coffee machine can’t make more that it was made for. It has no more inside of it, just like people who have decided to be that basic package with no other features within their mind and heart.

Imagine you are not good in math, you don’t have any interesting in it, you just don’t give a F*word, that’s fine, but in a context where you keep trying to explain to this person, mathematic formulas and calculation, you are just wasting your precious time and the person’s too. The bottom line is that it happens a lot, trying to expect things from those you have shown their value and can’t keep up with a new idea where new paradigms are broken, will just get on your nerves. The hope for coffee machines around the world have more features is bounded by the hope to see different attitudes, different approaches and different perspective, has this machine just be invented? If expectation generates frustration, I might just be a little frustrated this time.

Thanks for reading it.


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