My words on intermittent fasting (Try it)

After adapting and learning more about intermittent fasting is very fascinating to me to understand better now the meaning of this approach that might be or not for you, but it’s adaptable and rewarding when understood. Fasting is for the majority of people, a new thing, as it was for me. Imagine in the paleolithic era if the homo sapiens would have to first eat for then hunting. This is not how the things were and the fat in our body is a stored energy source for using when it’s necessary, the problem is that for the reasons already known the source of our energy has been misguided by the food industry and we now store more energy than never, despite the fact of the storing process has increased, there is also the downsides of sugar and processed food being included in our lives causing a devastation of the human health.

Fasting for any period is a normal process, we can’t be always eating, we should eat, use the energy, rest and eat again, but what I had known for years was that eating all the time was normal, being hungry all the time is normal, being idle and eating is normal. None of these facts showed to be true after learning about food and exercise. One problem that is happening is that when hearing the term “Fasting” for some people is dangerous and could lead people to feel sick or to faint. None of this ideas would come up if the word “Fasting” was not used. In my childhood my parents and grandparents would advise me and my brothers to not eat between the meals, otherwise we would not eat properly, unfortunately back to that time I and none of the people I had contact with, had no knowledge and sort of no interesting on nutrition, in my point of view, it was normal, right? Nobody should care this much, after all, eat was good and unharmful (until you know the truth).

Nowadays the common sense tells us that we should eat within three and three hours to avoid the metabolic rate to not drop. I thought that too, for long years and I would think that my body would go under the sufficient energy levels if I didn’t eat. I am 6.3ft tall, so it was also my common sense. The general population still believes in this idea and is driven by the government together with the food industry to follow the guidelines of the today’s national nutritional institute and keep doing what is causing the population to be over weight, sick and with less longevity. Unfortunately for earning profits, fasting isn’t very good, actually is the other way around, right? If you fast, you are not eating, if you are not eating you aren’t consuming products, if you aren’t consuming products, who benefits from that? Only your health, I presume.

The fasting-window might be 8-hours, 12-hours, 16-hours, 24-hours or more, it has to be natural if not, you might not maintain the process of fasting for much longer. One valuable thing I learned is that you have to adapt fast to your life and not the opposite way. Having meals with friends and family is a social event, not only food intake, for that matter sitting on the dinner table with your family and not eating would be very awkward. Adapt it to your life if is suitable for you, if you crave for food and starve, then don’t do it. Eating a more healthy diet = fasting is easier when compared to a high carb diet, that’s why a healthy diet + fasting is or should be normal, maybe it’s because is labeled, it might scare people. There are other strategies for losing weight, keeping your healthy stable, not going to the doctor’s office very ofter and saving money, but on my understanding fasting might just be a cheap solution.

Thanks for reading it


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