Less is more – Understand this

I have found some new aspects regarding what we consume, rather related to what is material (food, nutrients, supplements, fluids) or information (reading, learning, absorbing through the mind). Abstracting a new concept that came to me in these early days, when we start getting the right things, less becomes more, because the quality of what you’ve been getting is a lot better than mixing good and bad information together, same thing to what you put in your mouth. If the body is processing all that you put in, smartly speaking if you filter more and more what is getting in, the body has less trouble to deal with bad nutrients and information.

After struggling a lot and trying to raise my own standards, I believe I finally get what might or might not help me. Let’s imagine that your filter is a powerful tool that can help you. Exceptions here are or should not be allowed, just for the purpose of avoiding one exception become two, two become five, five to ten and suddenly the exception opened is no longer one exception. If you think you can deal with exception very well, good for you, but I know very little about allowing exceptions from existing, so it’s better to keep them apart. I believe that more and more practicing could develop the ability to deal with uncommon moments. It would be naive to think that you make a plan and the plan will no have downsides, I’ve done that a lot.

I’ve always thought that there should be a reason for us to feel uncomfortable in any given day so minimizing the damages caused by external sources is the most effective way of not feeling bad, or decrease these events. A friend of mine gave me an example in real life and I just elaborated it a little bit. Imagine you have a car and you put gas on it to run around, if you put good gas and some garbage in the tank, the engine will probably burn this garbage together and the engine will continue to work, now the question is for how long? So, if events of filling your body with food could be scheduled and only good stuff, your body has only one purpose, work well for you and you will be able to spend time on other things rather than food consumption.

Fewer meals; more quality. Timed meals; A timetable adjusts to your own life, less eating, less food you have to buy, less money you need to spend, less money getting out of your wallet, more money in your account. More health, less neediness. Less “going to the doctor”, less “I am sick”, less “I can’t go! I am sick!” and more stamina on a day-to-day basis, so then less health insurance payments. I’ve been boosting my ass to have a good health so I could even quit the health insurance company which is year by year raising their price by 22% every single year, until when? Nobody knows!

The rule “less is more” rule is a contained within the whole universe for all aspects I think. Once the rule has been added to one area of your life is easier to overflow it to another area until all areas are filled up with it, include it to your own.

Thanks for reading it.




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