The right, the easy, the wrong

There are many ways of doing things in life, what I’ve understood is that many and many times we have the chance to change the things around us, being more specific making more right choices will lead us to the right things, making easier choices will let you in the easy and apple pie life of average people, now making the wrong choices, it’s not necessary to say, right? Doing the right and the hard thing can be challenging at the beginning, but it will soon become easy, then you switch again to the hard thing. Do what you can, with what you have and never be satisfied. In the other hand, the wrong thing is quite close to the easy thing, sooner or later one is going to bind to another. “Choosing the easy thing to do is the greatest threat to progress”, accordingly to Denzel Washington (one of my idols in terms how to do things).

It’s hard to move around problems and make a difference, but if it’s not that? what is? It’s impossible to reach things you never had, it’s unthinkable to try to “I will have this new thing” without doing any efforts towards that. We go through situations in life that will demand you to choose, what choices are doing right now? Wrong choices are aggressive be noticed, people will always know when you make wrong choices, that’s easy. You bought a very expensive car and you can’t afford the pay the bill or even worse, not even gas to put in your tank. You went to bed too late, knowing that in the next day you had a very important appointment to attend. Wrong things are easy to be recognized, now easy things, not so easy. Easy choices “Stay at home sleeping on the couch while you actually needed to be studying or working out or do nothing”, very easy to do that, nobody will even notice it.

It should be added a new word for wrong, something between the words “wrong and easy”, as they are very similar.

Nothing = Easy = Wrong / Wrong = easy = Nothing / Easy = Wrong = Nothing (is it understood?)

Ten, twenty, thirty years later of making any choices above will show you what life is to be like, so it’s important to point your actions to the best of them, keep steady, firm, focused and sooner or later this won’t be a concern anymore, I believe that there is a saying that implies that “in 30 days you can acquire a new habit”. Acquire the habit of making good, important, hard and smart choices. Everybody can be clever, only those who are not willing to be are the ones that will never be. The importance of getting as close to what is right, even though failing during the process is the right path, not easy, not comfort, not “nevermind” people, Nevermind is also a very dangerous in my understanding, be careful with that word.

Thanks for reading it.


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