You will see it when you believe it

I heard this phrase (title) from one of my collection of English speeches that I’ve collected over the past years. It’s challenging to take all your comfortable situation and turn it into something that you might work for you, it’s the right, safe and stabilised, exchange for the unstable (at the beginning), the unsafe, the right or the wrong. Not a fair treaty. I’ve seen a lot and I observe a lot, everybody should evaluate its situation, see what is wrong and understand that the wrong is there, present, lived every day. What is the definition of wrong? Something isn’t right, something that disturbs your sleep, that can’t make you focus on what matters, that is in your way. Action? Change yourself, change your situation, change what is wrong,. Ask yourself “What is stopping you from changing it?” Another useful question.

We believe that by thinking “this will happen”, “this could happen”, “this should happen” to me, could somehow make a wish become real. Do you want to change your country?Work it. Do you want to learn or read faster? Work it. Do you want to live a better life? Work it. Starting seeing things by our actions is taking firmed and consistent decisions that perhaps not get you where you want to be, but it makes you see that it’s possible. Complaining about life is commonplace, everybody does it and once in a while, it becomes more and more present in ordinary days. Nothing is set to be perfect for you. If you believe that from the poorest person on earth to the richest one, no one has a problem, only because they have more or less money, each situation presents a different level of problems, there is nowhere to run.

For countless times I couldn’t believe things I’ve done, but it was rewarding once done it and then I could see it, seconds before accomplishing it. The world is full of opportunities, but only by those who want to see a situation as an opportunity, so, why are there so many people working on their average level of efforts? Hiding behind the block with heads down. Everyone has a book to write, a music to compose, a challenge to take, but sometimes I think people are blind, blind by the media which blinds you by telling what every single famous people are doing, that the celebrities are travelling some place. You see the pictures, see the movies but it’s just a dream for you, never really going to happen to you. That’s what the media is for, entertaining you while serious and busy people are “working their asses out” to make something from imagination become real.

See what you want to see is sometimes misleading if we don’t know what we want or where we want to go? How the hell should we know what to see? Perfect bodies from the magazines, glamorous houses from famous people, spectacular trips that only rich people can afford. Your perfect world can be anything, if it’s right for you is fine, if it is possible for you is fine, if it brings to you joyful moments, it’s fine. Don’t be blind, don’t be deaf, don’t be ordinary for the things that are possible. Be blind, be deaf, be invisible for the most common people’s tragedies. Stay away from it.

To be at somewhere you want to be is possible when you see it.

Thanks for reading it


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