Fighting the enemy with blind eyes

In any point in time when we decide to face a problem, it’s really necessary to understand what the problem is, before attempting to approach any kind of strategy towards solving that problem. No matter the problem is, whether is related to your personal or business life. It’s crucial to put yourself out of the position of the problem, getting out the focus, watching and contemplating the situation, furthermore, you will be able to see with better eyes the not complicating thing that the problem is and really get rid of it as soon as possible.

Imagine as you could pick up a fight we somebody and first we’d put a mask on, make ourselves blind and they’d go to the fight. We are not “Daredevil” from comic books that would have our senses increased when we are blind. The fact is that we were born blind, sort to speak. Most of us were led to shrink, to limit ourselves, to accept things the way they are, step back once the situation gets worse and live a tiny life. A samurai is a samurai because of its training, a soldier is a soldier because he or she has served in the military, fighting fights that are aggressive and dangerous, they come and go from the battle field, some might die, some not, but those living fighters, survive.

Life is an everyday battle, you fight obstacles, unexpected situations, problems, stress, tiredness, unsatisfaction, disappointments and so on. How about being better prepared for these here and then moments. It’s an unfair fight when you try to lose weight without knowing anything about your body or food or exercises, if you want to learn something and you are always feeling bad, always trying to sleep or to rest, it’s unfair. Justice being put in place, use the power of the mind and body to overcome challenging situations. I’ve recently learned that we are a perfect machine which even harmed by our bad habits can still recover drastic moments (drug addiction, sedentary lifestyle, hate, etc). The potentiality of each one of us is driving by our beliefs.

Believe then that you can accomplish more, fight a fair battle against anything that is on your way. Develop the thinking about what is this? how can I improve this? How can I better that? How? How? How? Find out and learn. Learn new skills, new movements, try to be inspired and inspire other people, become a samurai of today’s daily battles, a soldier of invisible wars, that we fight again and again on the daily basis. It’s important to not listen to critics at this point, everybody has an opinion about something if you care about each one of them, it can drastically decrease your energy and stop you very sudden.

Thanks for reading it


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