Aren’t Time and Life the same thing?

When inquired if we have time to do a certain new thing, we usually say that we “don’t have time” to do that thing. What if time was exchange for “life”. Well, Sir, “I don’t have life for this”. The similarity of this two words is kind of not so transparent for most of the people. Anything that requires us time is your life. That 35min-running-training that you took yesterday were 35minutos of your life that will never go back. If it was clear to us that sitting here writing this words is my life spent on something I engaged myself in, it would be delightful to think that writing is time, furthermore writing is life. These analogies are helpful to avoid the very amount of time wasted during your journey.

Your work takes 8 hours a day for your life and still,  8 hours per day during a course of a year are 2080 hours spent in the company, confined there or even if you are participating in meetings all day, you are still confined, sort to speak. 260 days in 2017 are the days that you are supposed to work. The power of math is to take this number into perspective and realize that your time is what you have the most important. Time to do what you are supposed to do and not only the things you want to do. If a conversation got to a point that “time was exchange for life”, the conversation would sound something like this:

Son: Hi Dad, how are you?

Dad: I am good, what do you want?

Son: I would like to play with you! Do you have life for me?

Dad: Sorry son, I am busy, I have 8h life to finish this, I don’t have life for you!

Imagine that a father could not have time for his own son. That is more shocking than saying “I don’t have time”. Any second that we spend on something, on your family members, on your partner, on reading a document, on looking for something better to do is worth, doing nothing is also necessary, but far away from the amount of “doing nothing” that many people find “life” for. We have life for watching TV, life for rolling down the social media feeds all day long, life to give and to spend unnecessary, but when it comes to goals set months ago, well, it’s a little disappointing but is okay not to do.

When reaching the age of 80’s I’d like to say that from one day on I only spent life with my family, friends, and colleagues, building worth-reading material of all kind of contents for only one purpose, helping people to find out their own paths. Our time should be a thing that we most care for, not willing for the weekend to show up and then you start living. Life helping one another, life learning new things, life fixing broken things, time acquiring more knowledge, time eating,  life caring and thinking about stuff that will bring joy to our lives. Time writing, time learning. It’s is so relative the two terms that in English, there is the word lifetime. That’s one of the reasons, English is worth spending life on.

Thanks for reading it.


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