An open letter to a friend (Newton)

We live our lives surrounded by people, people who become relatives, friends, acquaintances or someone you may know. There are many kinds of friend’s relationships and in the middle of all of them there are those who detach themselves from the majority of the others, that’s is what I could call “reference people”. People who I try to replicate what they do because I think that what they do can help me achieving great things in life. One so-called characteristic of living animals very helpful is to observe others. You don’t need to pay, don’t need to ask, don’t need to bother, you just need to observe. The capacity of doing marvellous things in any area of our life is measurable by your thoughts and some friends I think, might just help you to expand your limits.

I often thing that some people achieve the highest points of their lives by adapting themselves to the reality they now believe that it’s true. Doing things forcibly is a bad way to go. I’d say that while you are doing things, it might strive other people to do the same or, at a very least, think about what you are doing and question themselves: “Well, this is something that I might try or study” or just by the fact of making them think, it’s a well-done thing, my friend. I have as many examples as I can be added to my life every single day just by the observation skill that, something we all should have. People are often driven by who you listen to, talk to, discuss ideas with, live with and share thoughts. This is why is so important to chase great people and keep them close to learn with them good stuff, cause good stuff is all we want.

Between all of my friends, there some special ones, who have taught me to think about life, to rethink thoughts, to redo stuff badly done, to re-evaluate life, sort to speak to re-exist. Every single new situation present to me, I ask; “How can I improve this better?” Either is a thing related to work or things related to daily basis activities, such as by food, storing it and consuming eat faster, greater and with less need of our time, because life is time. So, taking as an example, I’d like to do the weekly-shopping in a faster way, so I took into consideration a lot of things; What is the best time to go? Very early or Very late, market is empty, so you can get in and get out very fast. Make a list of you need to by prior buying it. Take bags with you, so you don’t need to buy them, or use the plastic bags from the supermarket and finally “Only buy what you need” anything more than that, you are wasting time or money.

It’s unnecessary to say names because friends know who they are, who have given up many things to have new ones, who have planned their asses out to now be enjoying their moments. Friends who have indeed run thousand of miles now and taught me that it’s always possible to expand goals as the current ones are accomplished. Friends, who dedicate some of their times to think about you, to ask “How are you doing? This or that is fine?”. Friends who want you close, who want your best and who are part of your life and part what you will take out of this life. We came into this world with nothing and this is how we are leaving it. I know very little about the afterlife and if there is one, besides material stuff that we know we won’t be able to take with us, our thoughts are the only thing that I think we might have the chance to take with us.

Thanks for reading it (Friends who this letter is addressed to know who they are).


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