Understand the employee’s roles

One very good concept that everybody who is an employee must have is the fact that your work is paid by an employer who works for the company and the company’s only one purpose is to make a profit. One company which doesn’t profit is not a company and can’t exit. The idea of understanding what your job is and accept that things are the way they are is beneficial for you, the company, your superiors, and the company’s owner. Your work can either serve you better or servers the company better, that’s your choice to accept this reality and be less unsatisfied with anything that can bothers you along the way. Your work can be good, great, bad, but it’s your work that will generate money for you to do whatever you want to do in life.

Is it difficult to have your own business? Yes, that’s for sure, however, is it difficult to accept that demands of your job? That’s for some cases, yes. No matter what you choose to be and work with, hard times will always be there. Your superiors can’t care about your personal life. They can’t, they won’t and they must not care. Why? Because if your boss cares that you have to take care of your son and give attention to your wife, practice sports, meditate, do the stuff you want to do, and do this for you and all other employees of the company, I am sorry, but the company will close the doors very soon. Your boss’s purpose is to make you do your job that serves the company’s purpose,  make money and you can have your salary at the end of the month.

When we accept that nobody has ever put a gun on your face and force you to work, life can be a lot less hard for us. You are working with whatever you are working because of the choices you made and the obligations you accepted to have. You can choose to do a marvelous and wonderful job or do the basic, either way, your paycheck will be there at the end of the month, if it will give you satisfaction when you get it, that’s another history, but for sure your company will enjoy their paycheck more than you, just because you are a resource that makes money, a bit for you, a lot for the company. That’s the idea, right? The company was built for it, to profit from you, you accept that, the company accepts that very well and everybody is happy.

As an employee, we should understand what is your role in the company, make the best of it and if you are not satisfied with it, choose your own path and leave it, try another company, start your own company and never be satisfied. You as an employee works for somebody and that somebody pays you and somebody pays them for the service you provide, in this chain you are at the end of it, the necessary part of it, but if not, the company shall find another one. Nobody is irreplaceable, tick that as a “noticed”, never feel like you are the only one that can do that job, the company can’t rely on that, because of one day you are willing to go, you will leave and bad luck for those who stay, bad luck being if the company is not ready to full fill your abilities as a member of the company.

Understand, accept, realize your role in the company will make everybody’s life better. Try it.

Thanks for reading it



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