An unforgettable trip with Unforgettable Friends


After 17 days I am back and safe home now, travelling has indeed its own power and when it’s done with people who really enjoy discovering and taking every step on the day towards to the unknown with you, that it’s really rewarding.

This post isn’t about Machu Picchu or Bolivia or Peru or Cusco because I couldn’t write only one post about this trip, actually I could or I will write a book about it, just because I am richer now than ever. Rich in memories. From day 1 to day 17 we all shared the same places, food, feelings, faces, stories. Together with Marcio, Andrea and Alexandre, we won’t ever forget this 17 days, that’s for sure.


Peru, Lima, Cusco, Machu Picchu, La Paz, Pumo, Uros and some more places will remain unforgettable, that means for life and not only for years. People we’ve met, places we’ve visited, moments we’ve shared, this is what travelling is all about, this is what life is made for. We are trapped by this busy and supposedly important life in all these big cities, meanwhile, there are thousand of places to be visited, people to meet and memories to be shared and if you don’t make the effort to know these places, you might lose all of life can give to you.


We all need money to travel, right? But during this trip, we’ve met people with very low money, travelling in a low-cost way, just spending money when it was necessary, so having little money isn’t an excuse for not travelling, this is what I’ve learned and even people from Europe who supposedly have more money, do this kind of thing, saving money in flight tickets, spends, and whatever it’s involved with travelling stuff and for what? For travelling more. From this trip new people were born, I believe that now. We’ve spent some money going there? Yeah! but this can be replaced, now we’ve learned so many things that no money itself can buy it.

This is a motivational blog and this time I would like to motivate you to travel, visit places, meet people, share, receive and give, every single people in the world have their own history, their own magic. Don’t fall into the trap that your country it’s in crisis, or that your world it’s limited by your state, city or neighbourhood, become limitless.

Thanks for reading it.

More to come about this vacation.