A former perfectionist

In a research about perfectionism, I found that there are good points and bad points of trying to reach the best results in anything you do. Of course, everything has two sides. It’s not important to discuss the good points at this time, because the effects of trying to be perfectionist will balance in favor […]

How much can you do in 24h?

Are 24 hours too much time or too little time for each individual? Some people may accomplish more, others less. Some people may care about, some people don’t give a rats ass to what can be accomplished in a day. Too many tasks, too many duties, too many goals, it’s hard to carry a bucket […]

Motivation decrypted

For many years the idea of having motivation at my disposal was filling up myself with motivational quotes and rational thoughts and for years I have been trying to always get motivated, but my idea of motivation was getting energetic and full of energy, it might be a misconception of the word motivation. Then I heard […]

The internet black hole

Have you ever started surfing the internet on your phone and realized that 30min or 50min had gone? There is a magnet that holds you there for a certain time that you can’t get enough. Studies have demonstrated that you lose 28min of sleep when taking your cell phone with you to bed. I, myself […]