The right, the easy, the wrong

There are many ways of doing things in life, what I’ve understood is that many and many times we have the chance to change the things around us, being more specific making more right choices will lead us to the right things, making easier choices will let you in the easy and apple pie life […]

Less is more – Understand this

I have found some new aspects regarding what we consume, rather related to what is material (food, nutrients, supplements, fluids) or information (reading, learning, absorbing through the mind). Abstracting a new concept that came to me in these early days, when we start getting the right things, less becomes more, because the quality of what […]

The sadness of a restricted world

When restricting your world in barriers that nobody else is engaged to, it’s kind of leaving behind some believes that you had your entire life. The world is and it will always be too noisy to me. The Matrix is full of what we commonly know, see and hear on a daily basis. It’s the […]