Motivation decrypted

For many years the idea of having motivation at my disposal was filling up myself with motivational quotes and rational thoughts and for years I have been trying to always get motivated, but my idea of motivation was getting energetic and full of energy, it might be a misconception of the word motivation. Then I heard […]

People in need (give it all)

Now and then there is someone looking for help, a help of any kind, it might be something you have, something you know, someone you know and many other ways. The word “people” gets its meaning from the dictionary as a group of person that are grouped together. For only that reason there is already a word […]

What is inside is different

We all share what we think with others, close ones, relatives, friends and acquaintances, the level of friendship will determine what we can talk about and what might or might not add-up to friend’s lives. I believe that intentionally everybody only says things to help, barely saying things that won’t help or will hurt somebody, […]

An open letter to a friend (Newton)

We live our lives surrounded by people, people who become relatives, friends, acquaintances or someone you may know. There are many kinds of friend’s relationships and in the middle of all of them there are those who detach themselves from the majority of the others, that’s is what I could call “reference people”. People who […]