Uncontrolled internet

Internet is a blessing technology which allows me to write in this blog and share thoughts with people who are interested in reading things that I write. There is a connection built-in in the concept of the internet, right? Sharing, communication as fast as it can be and there is also something more valuable, which is, […]

Understand the employee’s roles

One very good concept that everybody who is an employee must have is the fact that your work is paid by an employer who works for the company and the company’s only one purpose is to make a profit. One company which doesn’t profit is not a company and can’t exit. The idea of understanding […]

The Dangerous Internet

The access to the internet at any moment of our day seems to be a very outstanding fact, right? The Internet is the open door to everything you want to know at any moment you want to know and having things whenever we want. Thi is kind of an easy way to an indiscipline life. Think about […]