The sadness of a restricted world

When restricting your world in barriers that nobody else is engaged to, it’s kind of leaving behind some believes that you had your entire life. The world is and it will always be too noisy to me. The Matrix is full of what we commonly know, see and hear on a daily basis. It’s the […]

Learning from a frienook

If creativity is a unique form of creation in each one of us, here is a new term I just made up, Frienook, it’s not misspelled.  A matching of the words friend and book. These two worlds have a very significant meaning in the life of people who is willing to grow and learn. I can […]

Dreamland – A good place to be

Have you ever thought about a place to be, where imagination takes over? Dreaming is an open door to that place, even if it’s a nightmare. For some reason we all must sleep, we all need to rest and it’s inevitable that we also dream, we might not remember it, but we can have many […]