What is inside is different

We all share what we think with others, close ones, relatives, friends and acquaintances, the level of friendship will determine what we can talk about and what might or might not add-up to friend’s lives. I believe that intentionally everybody only says things to help, barely saying things that won’t help or will hurt somebody, […]

Understand the employee’s roles

One very good concept that everybody who is an employee must have is the fact that your work is paid by an employer who works for the company and the company’s only one purpose is to make a profit. One company which doesn’t profit is not a company and can’t exit. The idea of understanding […]

An open letter to a friend (Newton)

We live our lives surrounded by people, people who become relatives, friends, acquaintances or someone you may know. There are many kinds of friend’s relationships and in the middle of all of them there are those who detach themselves from the majority of the others, that’s is what I could call “reference people”. People who […]